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homepage-picWelcome to Beacon Therapies, a speech-language pathology practice located in the heart of Brookline, Ma. We offer services to children and adults in all of greater Boston, including Brookline, Newton, and Cambridge.

We specialize in collaborative treatment and assessment of infants, elementary school-aged children and college students dealing with speech and language issues. We also offer specialized services designed to meet the unique speech and language needs of adults.

Beacon Therapies offers evaluations, courses, enrichment groups, social groups, workshops and reading groups. We have extensive experience assessing and treating pediatric and adult clients with autism, phonological disorders, receptive/expressive language impairments and dyslexia.

By using the latest proven techniques and our individualized programs, we work closely with our clients and their families to reach specific reading, social, speech and language goals.

A bilingual practice, Beacon Therapies offers services and treatment to both English and Spanish-speakers.

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Best speech-language pathology

  • Evelyn helped our daughter through a really challenging time in school. We loved the way she connected with our daughter and helped build her confidence.

    Kadia A. ,

  • Evelyn's dedication to her profession is evident from the first time you meet with her. As you describe your concerns and/or share reports, she listens intently and processes the information being relayed, asks questions to clarify, interprets reports and data, and really cares. Because she understands how parents feel sitting and discussing their child's difficulty with learning, reading, writing etc. and/or the challenges they have encountered, Evelyn approaches each family and client with a level of care where you feel at ease and well taken care of. Sessions are focused, productive and tailored to the needs of each client. The materials and curriculum used keep a young child focused, a middle schooler interested and a high schooler entertained. I recommend Evelyn to perspective clients with the highest regard and no reservation. Whatever your child's needs are in this field, Evelyn will rise to the occasion.

    Carmen A. ,

  • Evelyn was the one to explain my child's learning issues to me and educate me on Dyslexia, recommend a neuropsychologist with expertise in Dyslexia, and tell me about a wonderful school to help support my daughter's learning issues. Evelyn not only has great knowledge and expertise in language based learning issues, she is a supportive and compassionate professional. I will always be grateful for all her time and effort. Because of Evelyn, my daughter now reads and writes well, enjoys going to school, and loves learning. This only happened once my daughter was properly diagnosed and given the appropriate educational supports thanks to Evelyn.

    Mother of a 12 year old ,

  • Evelyn was wonderful to work with when I consulted with her as to whether my child with language based learning issues should stay at his current public school, or be placed at a special education private school. She went through all his private evaluations thoroughly, and discussed at length with me what the best educational setting would be for my child. I am eternally grateful for her expertise and compassion. Not only is Evelyn brilliant, she is so kind and understanding. Parents of children with learning issues, such as myself, really appreciate this level of compassion.


  • Evelyn guided me through the process of determining why my child was struggling in school, what professionals I needed to seek out as a result, and ultimately recommended an academic placement for her where she is now thriving.


  • Evelyn saved my daughter. I consulted with her regarding why my daughter didn’t enjoy reading, didn’t want to read out loud, and why she was struggling with pronunciation and reading comprehension. Not only did she properly diagnose my daughter with dyslexia, she also recommended the appropriate school for her. Our daughter has never been happier.

    Parents of fourth grader ,

  • After years of speech and language therapy at another clinic we went to Beacon therapies to get a second opinion. That switch changed our lives. At Beacon, our child made so much progress, thanks to the the testing process, recommendations and therapy.

    Parent of a seven year old ,

  • If it wasn’t for Evelyn, I would not be at the special school that I am in now. Not only am I happy at my school, but I have made friends and a lot of progress. My nickname for her is “lifesaver!” Thank you, Evelyn

    An 11-year-old girl with dyslexia ,

  • Evelyn is one of the most knowledgeable, responsive, generous, and, most importantly, compassionate professionals that I have ever worked with.


  • Beacon Therapies looked outside the box for therapy for our daughter, figuring out what would work for her. Now, our child has more time to be a kid again while she practices her social skills in the real-world.

    Parent of a ten year old ,